Who us Influential. why thank you.

In spite of what was my toughest year, Fashpa made the list of YNAIJA list of Influential startups of the year. I have to say I agree with this one, we definitely set the pace with fashion online ( with all modesty)! Read below and you can read more about the whole cohorts here. Thank you for this Ynaija means a lot to all of us at Fashpa HQ!

The start-ups on this list have been the most visible in terms of outdoor advertising, solving a need and raising much needed funding to boost the tech system.

You may have used them, you must have heard of them.

Our top 10 list is presented in alphabetical order.


Founded by Honey Ogundeyi, a former industry manager at Google,Fashpa.com is a retail e-commerce start up whose main focus is to provide on trend clothing at affordable prices, with the use of technology and a focus on key areas like sourcing, logistics, customer service and user experience. The leading fashion online retailer based in Nigeria, Fashpa retails a mix of high street fashion from international and local brands. Fashpa’s own designs have been spotted on celebrities like Kelly Rowland and Angela Simmons.

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