Y Naija’s Nigeria’s 100 Most Inspiring Women – #YWomen10

LittleIMG_0028Little old me Made the list alongside some super duper faint if i was in the same room as them awesome women, check out here. Here is what they said.

Oyindamola Honey Ogundeyi: Driven by the desire to impact lives, she is the founder of e-commerce platform, Fashpa. She’s all about building a sustainable online retail businesses and is also convinced women are essential to the “Africa Rising” narrative.


Thank you Ynaija!


Angela Simmons in Fashpa

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 9.12.59 PM

Angela Simmons just wore fashpa collection,’s own label, and the site just went crazy!

This the thing I keep going on about, building a fashion brand in Nigeria and for the most part I feel like am harping my head against the wall.

For all their sales, fashion is almost certainly always won by a “fashion destination site” the “amazon” marketplace works well for electronics and phones but not for fashion. It didn’t happen in India, nor the USA and Nigeria will not be the exception. So ladies and gentlemen watch Fashpa Revolution in Nigeria, we are just getting started!

Real time Traffic location..interesting. we ship worldwide oh!


Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 9.12.45 PMand with this US exchange rate dancing about, I welcome my overseas shoppers!!